Julz (h0cic0chica) wrote,

Dinner in Astoria

Tonight I went to dinner in Astoria with Keren's friend Jill. It was really nice to hang with a cool girl since most of my friends are gone now. Anyway, this place Balu had some real fires in the wall, and a fake fire behind a screen with running water. Here's one of the real fires:

There were these loud douchey guys in suits being loud and douchey and we were grumbling about them. Then the waitress came over with these desserty drinks that they had bought for us. So we were nice and said thanks and cheers and then turned around ASAP. Here they are:

One is PB&J and one is Vanilla somethingorother. I forgot.

My hands are all scratched up from my damn cat. Damn her!
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