Julz (h0cic0chica) wrote,


i know it's been a while. i had to clear some junk out of my cameraphone so i could take more pictures. i spent yesterday in the city. after a meeting at the UFT building near ground zero for "Clinicians Appreciation Day" (frankly, a day without pay for speakers, bagels and coffee doesn't exactly say "appreciation" to me) I decided to walk up Broadway to meet my sister in Union Square for dinner. On the way, I saw a few interesting shops, including:

I wonder if it's owned by the same people who own Winegasm in Astoria. :P
Then I met up with my friend Christina at an art show her friend was hosting. It was a long day, but a fun one. Felt like the weekend. It was weird to return to work this morning.
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I've bought tons of shoes there! It bad ass.